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Puget Sound Miata Club Event Calendar

This calendar includes events hosted by the PSMC & other clubs.  Some are events that our club has been invited to and some are open events we have participated in the past.

Upcoming events

    • 12/01/2018
    • 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Southcenter

    Hosted by PSMC Board

    Contact Charlotte Fellers

    Prizes! Giveaways! Goodies! 

    Help us celebrate the end of the year and our great club as the 29th year of our existence comes to an end.  

    This year the membership appreciation luncheon will be at the Azteca Mexican Restaurant in Tukwila. We'll start off with a lunch featuring a limited but varied menu that includes dessert if you wish to order it. Following lunch, we'll take a few minutes to recognize those club members who have contributed to the club by hosting drives, drive-in dinners, and other events throughout the year, including service to the club as board members.

    This event will cost $17 per person and includes lunch, coffee, tea, or soda, and dessert (if you want it). You'll also have a few opportunities to win door prizes.  Alcoholic beverages are available to order for an extra charge on your own.

    Here is the menu for this event, pre-selected by the Board:


    2 corn tortillas smothered with a choice of Azteca’s Famous salsas Mole, Crema, Ranchera, Verde, or Original. topped with jack cheese. Filled with your choice of ground beef, picadillo, cheese, or chicken. Served with refried beans and Mexican rice.


    A huge flour tortilla filled with refried beans, Mexican rice, your choice of chicken, ground beef, picadillo, chile verde, or chile Colorado. Topped with burrito sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, cotija cheese, and crema Mexicana.

    (The anchor means it is one of the most popular dish on the menu!)


    Three Tacos made with hose made corn tortillas and filled with charbroiled chicken breast, or pork carnitas, finished with onions, cilantro, and tomato. Served with salsa verde, Mexican rice, and refried beans.


    Choice of Ground Beef, Chicken, Picadillo. Layered with Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole. Served inside a crispy flour tortilla.


    Flour tortilla stuffed with choice of grilled chicken or pork carnitas, Mexican rice, and refried beans, grilled onions and peppers. Topped with arroz con pollo sauce and garnished with pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole.


    Green salad topped with choice of grilled marinated chicken or pork carnitas. Finished with mushrooms, tomato, avocado, and cheddar cheese.


    ½ lb all beef burger grilled with bacon, American cheese, and a poblano pepper, served with leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, and Azteca seasoned fries.



    Choose two of the following items:

    Enchilada, Tamale, Taco, Tostada, Burrito, Chimichanga, Chalupa

    Served with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans



    Chocolate Mousse

    Please sign up by Tuesday, Nov. 27 if you plan to attend, so we can have an accurate count for the restaurant.

    The address for Azteca in Tukwila is:

    17555 Southcenter Parkway

    Tukwila, WA 98188

    • 04/27/2019
    • 8:30 AM
    • Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA

    Open to all makes, types of cars, and clubs!

    Begin and end the rally at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA. Take exit 230 from Interstate 5 at SR 20. Proceed eastbound on SR 20, turn right onto S. Burlington Blvd at traffic light, turn right at another traffic light onto one of the three Cascade Mall Drives.The staging area is in the Southwest corner next to I-5.

    Check-in and day-of-event registration opens at 8:30 am. Drivers' meeting begins at 9:30 with first cars out at ~9:45 am.

    It is a laid back and casual "gimmick rallye" where the challenge is to spot and record the answers to questions based on signs and objects found along the way while following turn-by-turn route driving instructions, devilishly laid out by the Rallyemaster, whose job it is to make you laugh as you attempt to find the answers to the rather silly questions, riddles, and trivia. NOT a traditional time-speed-distance event. Route is entirely on public, paved roads, no off-roading. Suitable for all vehicles and driver skill levels. No special knowledge nor equipment is needed to enjoy your car, your companion, the company of fellow enthusiasts and incredible roads and scenery.

    Typically the best scoring car from each participating club (which enters 5+ cars) wins a prize. Details for 2019 TBA. (If enough PSMC cars show up, we’ll have a team.)

    Full info and pre-registration at
    Check it out now.

    PSMC contact points are our own past winners:
    Dee Dahlke & Duncan Johnson, 253-845-2424

    There is not an organized PSMC drive to this event; the zooming rally route itself takes care of the sports motoring. Suggest you pre register and be very early (even arrive the night before) because the event is huge, typically 300+ cars from 30 or more clubs all over the northwest USA and Canada.

    The start and finish are a giant car show of everything you could imagine, old and new, from all over the world.

    Do dress for the weather!

Past events

11/15/2018 Third Thursday Cruise-In
11/06/2018 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
10/13/2018 PSMC Planning and Board Meeting
10/02/2018 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
09/29/2018 Leavenworth Parade Cancelled
09/20/2018 Hot Lava 2017+1
09/16/2018 Sunset Auto Trail VII
09/15/2018 2018 Canadian Rockies Rendezvous
09/08/2018 Whatcom and Skagit Counties Select Tour
09/05/2018 First Wednesday
08/18/2018 The Renton "Clueless" Drive
08/11/2018 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
08/10/2018 MX-5 Miata Fan Event
07/28/2018 Silverdale Whaling Days Parade
07/21/2018 Mt. Rainier Overlook Drive
07/19/2018 Expore Oregon (hosted by Willamette Valley Miata Club)
07/14/2018 Hurricane Ridge Run
07/04/2018 Kingston 4th Of July Parade
06/30/2018 Fathoms O' Fun Parade
06/21/2018 Third Thursday Cruise-In
06/05/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
06/02/2018 PSMC Board Meeting
05/26/2018 Drive 4 Lunch
05/19/2018 Viking Fest Parade
05/12/2018 Detailin' Day
05/01/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
04/29/2018 New Members' Welcome Drive
04/19/2018 Third Thursday Cruise-In
04/14/2018 MG Car Club 37th Annual Tulip Rallye
04/07/2018 PSMC board meeting
04/03/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
03/28/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
03/21/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
03/15/2018 Third Thursday Cruise-In
03/14/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
03/07/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
03/06/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
02/28/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
02/21/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
02/14/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
02/10/2018 The Valentine's Day Park and Sip Tour
02/07/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
02/06/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
01/31/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
01/24/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
01/20/2018 PSMC Business Meeting and Calendar Discussion
01/17/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
01/10/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
01/03/2018 Miatas and Morning Coffee
01/02/2018 1st Tuesday Cruise-In
11/16/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In
11/07/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
11/04/2017 End-Of-The-Driving Season Luncheon
10/28/2017 Haunted Places Revisited
10/14/2017 Fourth Quarter Planning and Board Meeting
10/06/2017 Mahogany, Merlot & Miatas VI
10/03/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
09/23/2017 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade
09/16/2017 Hurricane Ridge Run
09/09/2017 Pacific Beach Frolic
08/19/2017 The Renton "Clueless" Drive
08/19/2017 Kustom Kulture Festival Car Show
08/17/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
08/12/2017 Spot That Thing!
08/05/2017 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
07/29/2017 Silverdale Whaling Days Parade
07/22/2017 IRDC Race Weekend at Pacific Raceway
07/13/2017 Expore Oregon (hosted by Willamette Valley Miata Club
07/08/2017 Whistlin' Jack's Run
07/04/2017 Kingston 4th Of July Parade
06/30/2017 29th ANNUAL PACIFIC NORTHWEST HISTORIC-Event Cancelled
06/24/2017 Fathoms O' Fun Parade
06/06/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
06/03/2017 PSMC Board Meeting
05/21/2017 New Member Welcome
05/20/2017 Viking Fest Parade
05/18/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
05/13/2017 Detailin' Day and Show N Shine
05/06/2017 Drive to Lunch
05/02/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
04/22/2017 MG Car Club 36th Annual Tulip Rallye
04/20/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
04/15/2017 Quarterly board meeting
04/08/2017 Paccar Vehicle Testing Lab
04/04/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
03/16/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
03/11/2017 Alfa Romeo Club Driver Skills School
03/07/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
02/16/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
02/11/2017 The Valentine's Day Park and Sip Tour
02/07/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
01/21/2017 Quarterly board meeting at Lee Johnson Mazda
01/19/2017 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
01/03/2017 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
12/10/2016 Holiday Open House
11/17/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
11/05/2016 End-Of-The-Driving Season Party
11/01/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
10/20/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
10/15/2016 Fourth Quarter Planning and Board Meeting
10/04/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
09/30/2016 Mahogany, Merlot & Miatas V
09/24/2016 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade
09/17/2016 Pacific Beach Frolic
09/10/2016 Summer Ender Fender Bender
09/10/2016 Halfway and Back Tour (hosted by the Willamette Valley Miata Club)
08/27/2016 Crystal Mountain Summit Drive
08/13/2016 Mt. Baker Run with Sea To Sky Miata Club
08/06/2016 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
08/02/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
07/30/2016 2016 Opel - Miata Gathering
07/30/2016 Silverdale Whaling Days Parade
07/23/2016 Miata Fly-In
07/16/2016 Drive to Admiralty Lighthouse - Canceled
07/14/2016 Expore Oregon (hosted by Willamette Valley Miata Club
07/09/2016 Whistlin' Jack's Run
07/05/2016 Inter-Club Cruise-In Social
06/25/2016 Fathoms O' Fun Parade
06/16/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
06/07/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
06/04/2016 PSMC Board Meeting
05/21/2016 Drive to Lunch
05/19/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
05/14/2016 Viking Fest Parade
05/14/2016 Detailin' Day and Show N Shine
05/03/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
04/23/2016 MG Car Club 35th Annual Tulip Rallye
04/21/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
04/09/2016 Quarterly board meeting
04/05/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-In Social
03/17/2016 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
03/01/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-in Social
02/18/2016 Third Thursday cruise-in social
02/13/2016 The Valentine's Day Park and Sip Tour
02/02/2016 First Tuesday Cruise-in Social
01/21/2016 Third Thursday cruise-in social
01/05/2016 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
11/19/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
11/07/2015 End-Of-The-Driving Season Party
10/17/2015 PSMC Elections and Planning Meeting for 2016!
10/15/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
10/06/2015 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
10/02/2015 Mahogany, Merlot & Miatas IV
09/26/2015 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade
09/19/2015 Pacific Beach Frolic
09/12/2015 Drive to Lunch
09/06/2015 South Bend Road Run
08/22/2015 Whistlin' Jack's Run
08/15/2015 The Renton "Clueless" Drive
08/08/2015 Spot That Thing!
08/01/2015 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
07/25/2015 2015 Opel - Miata Gathering
07/25/2015 Silverdale Whaling Days Parade
07/18/2015 Des Moines Waterland Festival Parade
07/16/2015 Expore Oregon (hosted by Willamette Valley Miata Club
07/11/2015 Whidbey Island Tour
07/04/2015 Kingston 4th Of July Parade
06/27/2015 Fathoms O' Fun Parade
06/20/2015 Marysville Strawberry Festival Parade
06/18/2015 Final Third Thursday Cruise-In Social until Fall
06/06/2015 PSMC Board Meeting
06/02/2015 Final First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social until Fall
05/22/2015 Topless Fun Run (hosted by Okanagan Valley Miata Club)
05/16/2015 Viking Fest Parade
05/16/2015 Detailin' Day and Show N Shine
05/05/2015 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
05/02/2015 New Member Welcome
04/16/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
04/11/2015 April Board Meeting
04/07/2015 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
03/19/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
03/03/2015 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
02/19/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
02/07/2015 February General Membership Meeting and Elections
02/03/2015 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
01/15/2015 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
11/20/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
11/04/2014 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
10/18/2014 Corn Maze Run
10/16/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
10/07/2014 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
10/03/2014 Mahogany, Merlot & Miatas III
09/27/2014 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade
09/18/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
09/13/2014 Olympic Peninsula (Lite)-Reprise
09/06/2014 Sunset Auto Trail VI
09/02/2014 First Tuesday North-End Cruise-In Social
08/31/2014 South Bend Road Run
08/23/2014 Snap That Thing!
08/16/2014 Mt St Helens Miata Trip
08/09/2014 Garage Sale Rally
08/09/2014 Yakima Winery Tour
08/02/2014 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
08/02/2014 The Lakewood Tennis Club Rod & Custom Show
07/26/2014 Silverdale Whaling Days Parade
07/20/2014 Chinatown Seafair Parade
07/17/2014 Expore Oregon
07/16/2014 Two Lanes to Oregon
07/12/2014 Election and Board Meeting
07/04/2014 Kingston 4th Of July Parade
07/04/2014 Pacific Northwest Historics
07/02/2014 Miata's in Bryce, Utah
06/28/2014 Fathoms O' Fun Parade
06/14/2014 South Sound Saunter
06/08/2014 All Convertible Cruise In
05/27/2014 Last Tuesday North-End Cruise-in Social
05/17/2014 Viking Fest Parade
05/15/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
05/03/2014 New Member Welcome
04/29/2014 Last Tuesday North-End Cruise-in Social
04/19/2014 MG Car Club 33rd Annual Tulip Rallye
04/17/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
04/05/2014 2014 Nomination & Board Meeting
03/29/2014 Performance Driving @ Oregon Raceway Park
03/25/2014 Last Tuesday North-End Cruise-in Social
03/20/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
03/01/2014 Test Event
02/25/2014 Last Tuesday North-End Cruise-in Social
02/20/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
02/04/2014 What is the best sportscar in the world?
01/16/2014 Third Thursday Cruise-In Social
12/07/2013 Holiday Open House
11/21/2013 November Cruise-In Social
11/09/2013 End of the Year Party
11/02/2013 November Planning and Board Meeting
10/26/2013 Halloween Run - 2013
10/17/2013 October Cruise-In Social
10/12/2013 2013 Apple Cider Run
10/06/2013 2013 Apple Squeeze
10/04/2013 2013 Mahogany, Merlot and Miatas II
09/28/2013 2013 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Festival Parade
08/17/2013 Great Northwest Gathering of Miatas
07/05/2013 2013 Historics Races
06/20/2013 2013 June Cruise-In Social
06/08/2013 2013 Election and Board Meeting

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