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The First Miata Club in the USA   



(Old Men Giving Unsolicited Advice)

Nobody likes to hear old geezers generally giving us all advice we don’t want on how to go about our lives. However, in this club our elders seem to possess a lot of “tribal lore,” and in this column we now offer them a place to share accumulated knowledge with other PSMC members, so it isn't lost to posterity.

Readers’ contributions are solicited for these monthly columns. If you have some knowledge you'd like to pass around the club, send it to the webmaster!  Please stick to facts and data, not opinion and rants, and limit yourself to Miata-specific or general sports car topics. Technical things should be able to be done by the average “rag mechanic” enthusiast, not an automotive professional. Thanks to Duncan Johnson (Road Dancer’s lot boy) for working up our first column.

Legal stuff: The Puget Sound Miata Club and everyone involved accept no responsibility for anything in this column. You are on your own to act safely, legally, and in a manner that won’t hurt you , your car, or anybody else for that matter.

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