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The First Miata Club in the USA   


President’s Message

Yes, summertime is upon us with its warm and balmy days! It’s at this time of summer that I remember Janis Joplin’s rendition of “Summertime”. With her soulful and sometimes raspy voice, Janis delivered the best version of this song in 1969. It was a different time back then, with high school graduates, including me, looking at the edge of adulthood and contemplating options of going to work or college, all the while wondering what Uncle Sam had in store for us with the draft and Viet Nam. A lot has changed since these times as we now face new challenges consistent with life in 21st century. Our Puget Sound Miata Club has also witnessed changes over the years since its inception in 1990. One thing remains constant however, our deep love for driving our little Miata lovelies!

Our driving season has kicked off with several rides. Notably among these was our New Members Drive which once again attracted a sizable crowd. Bill Bell hosted some early season drives which were also well attended. Ross and Nancy Scott once again led the Drive to Lunch event which attracts a solid following. During my Summer Splendor Drive I commented that that our events has experienced an uptick in ride participation over the recent years and it is refreshing to see. Our summer season will have many more ride and event opportunities including our largest event of the year, The Gathering, in early August. If you haven’t already signed up, I would encourage you to do so. Remember too, you also can host a ride and there is plenty of assistance available within the club ranks to assist you in putting a ride together!

Last Friday evening your PSMC Board met via Zoom and conducted our 3rd quarter Board Meeting. We had a full agenda which include our club finances, social media, and communications. I am pleased to report that our club finances are in good order. Bill Bell and Don Hutchins reported that the play on social media is also picking up. I charged Bill Snowden with the responsibility of producing some ideas and prototypes for new hats and the Board approved an initial order of twenty-four hats to offer for sale to our members. Sean and Pam McGriff have retired and are planning to move to Ocean Shores this summer. While Sean and Pam will be missed, and we’ll likely see less of them, Sean has graciously agreed to manage our club’s finances from Ocean Shores. Finally, we spent some time planning the logistics for our upcoming Gathering.

That’s about it from me for now. Continue to enjoy the rides and events as the season continues to unfold. In the meantime, keep on “zoom-zoom’in”!


The first-hand story of the first miata

In the early 1980s, Mazda was flush with capital from record sales and already deep in the design process for the next generation of the RX-7. Having proven to the world that it could solve engineering problems that had flummoxed other automotive companies (Wankel’s problematic rotary-engine design, for example), Mazda was confident in its ability to make its flagship sports car a true “world-class” competitor.

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About Us

The Puget Sound Miata Club was the first Miata club in the United States to join and be recognized as a member of the Miata Club of America. Our claim as the "First Miata Club in the Nation" is based on this fact. Our original club name was:
The Puget Sound Chapter of the Miata Club of America.

Our Membership is based in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington and hosts many events each year with several reaching into neighboring states and provinces. The club was organized to share the fun of owning a Miata and to maximize the enjoyment of driving a great roadster.

We do this in a variety of ways - we publish a newsletter 9 months of each year with information about the Miata and our activities; we organize and participate in sports car events such as driving tours, rallyes, autocrosses, driving schools, gymkhanas, and concours d'elegance; we arrange technical sessions to learn more about the Miata and its care; we have parties!; we go to sports car races; we caravan to other Miata or car club events; and we participate in parades.

Unlike many sports car organizations in the Northwest, we do not specialize in any one-type of activity. As a group, we have opted to sample everything. This leverages the opportunities for our Miata fun.

We are a Miata information resource to each other. We know where and what to purchase for the Miata and the best prices available. We get discounts from many dealers and repair shops in the area.

Basically, we have more fun in and with our Miatas. Our organization has been in existence since 1989 and has a current membership in excess of 145 Miatas. Join Us and enjoy your Miata to the fullest!

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