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The First Miata Club in the USA   


President’s Message

Ah Spring! I consider April to be the official Start of Spring, with trees and flowers coming alive with new growth and the promise of warmer days that lie ahead. I distinctly remember the Simon and Garfunkel song, “April Comes She Will” as I was in Coast Guard A school in Virginia and was set to graduate in April and able to come home and be with my girlfriend for a while. I digress. My lawn mower got underway with the first mowing of the lawn as well as the arduous task of weed pulling and applying moss control to the lawn. Despite the addition of many tasks with the onslaught of Spring, the season is my number one favorite. The season also ushers in our Puget Sound Miata Club’s official driving time!

As for rides since our last President’s Message, Ross and Nancy kicked it off with their Mid-Winter Interurban Fun Run in February which was a new ride for the club and through the grace of God we experienced superb weather and a respectable attendance of twenty-two participants! We have also experienced continued good attendance at the First Tuesday North End Cruise in social event and Sean & Pam have had growing attendance at their Third Thursday – Coastal social event These two social events offer a terrific opportunity to get together during our club’s quiet time. Both events feature rotating restaurant venues to provide a variety of culinary experiences.

April will feature our annual New Member’s Drive which will be led by Ross and Nancy Scott. This is perhaps the highlight of the month with a beautiful drive starting with lunch and concluding at Boehm’s Candies. Earlier in June, Dee and Duncan will be leading a contingent of Miata’s to the MG Tulip Rayle starting in Burlington. Bill Bell will be leading his new drive, Miata Madness Flash Drive. This also kicks off our parade events and Bill Bell is looking for participants to join in on the fun and support these events.

May kicks off with Bill Bell’s Calago Ride. Detailing Day is in a state of flux as we find a site, with a couple of possibilities to ferret out. The second quarter of the year will end with Ross and Nancy’s ever-so-popular Drive to Lunch.

This past Friday, April 5th, your PSMC Board of Directors met on our quarterly Zoom meeting to discuss standing items like club finances, membership, social media & communications activity, upcoming events, review and modification of our Event Calendar, upcoming events & planning and discussing other important items for the good of the club. Your PSMC Board concluded that we are on track to have another great driving season full of fun rides including several new rides.

Speaking of new rides, we are always in the hunt for new rides and would encourage those who have never hosted a drive to consider doing so. There are seasoned members who would be more than willing to lend a hand in ride development!

As you may recall, if you attended our last Holiday Party last December, we introduced our new club lightweight jacket, modeled by 3 handsome gentlemen.

As an update we are close to launching the sale of these jackets, being offered in various sizes and colors. The jackets will feature our new enhanced logo and we will be offering members the chance to have their names embroidered on them. I will have samples of all sizes to be displayed at most of our events so that members can try them on for proper size and fit. Payment will be at the point of sale, and we will be offering them on our website to order and pay via credit card. Pricing and other logistics will be forthcoming soon. On another note, about club apparel, we will be ordering new hats in both the trucker and ball cap styles. Get ready to “strut in style”!

In closing, Cindy and I want to wish you all a great Miata driving season. And remember also, “the best is yet to come”. Keep on zoom-zooming!


The first-hand story
of the first miata

In the early 1980s, Mazda was flush with capital from record sales and already deep in the design process for the next generation of the RX-7. Having proven to the world that it could solve engineering problems that had flummoxed other automotive companies (Wankel’s problematic rotary-engine design, for example), Mazda was confident in its ability to make its flagship sports car a true “world-class” competitor.

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About Us

The Puget Sound Miata Club was the first Miata club in the United States to join and be recognized as a member of the Miata Club of America. Our claim as the "First Miata Club in the Nation" is based on this fact. Our original club name was:
The Puget Sound Chapter of the Miata Club of America.

Our Membership is based in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington and hosts many events each year with several reaching into neighboring states and provinces. The club was organized to share the fun of owning a Miata and to maximize the enjoyment of driving a great roadster.

We do this in a variety of ways - we publish a newsletter 9 months of each year with information about the Miata and our activities; we organize and participate in sports car events such as driving tours, rallyes, autocrosses, driving schools, gymkhanas, and concours d'elegance; we arrange technical sessions to learn more about the Miata and its care; we have parties!; we go to sports car races; we caravan to other Miata or car club events; and we participate in parades.

Unlike many sports car organizations in the Northwest, we do not specialize in any one-type of activity. As a group, we have opted to sample everything. This leverages the opportunities for our Miata fun.

We are a Miata information resource to each other. We know where and what to purchase for the Miata and the best prices available. We get discounts from many dealers and repair shops in the area.

Basically, we have more fun in and with our Miatas. Our organization has been in existence since 1989 and has a current membership in excess of 145 Miatas. Join Us and enjoy your Miata to the fullest!

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