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The First Miata Club in the USA   


President’s Message

As we enter the depths of Winter, officially beginning with the Winter Solstice, better known as the shortest day of the year, we find ourselves in full swing with the Holidays and all the joy, and pressure, that goes along with this special season. I pen this message on Christmas Day as this is my opening to get this letter pulled together and sent off to Bill Bell for publication in our new Sounder.

While our Winter thus far has brought us unseasonably warm weather and no snow to date in the lowlands. For the sports car enthusiast Winter provides our Puget Sound Miata Club members to take a hiatus from driving and prepare for the Spring when our club will once again come alive with activity. The build up to our beloved season begins the anticipation of gaining daylight with each passing day.

Our 2024 driving lineup will provide us with lots of exciting drives and opportunities to push our beloved roasters with exciting new drives as well as returning favorites.

January 5, 2024, at 7:00 pm the PSMC Board conducted our first of the new year Quarterly Board Meeting using a Zoom call meeting format. All Board Members attended except for two. As in the past,

we fine-tuned our 2024 Events Calendar, including some new drives which will unfold as the driving season progresses. Ross and Nancy Scott will be featuring a new Mid-Winter Interurban Fun Run which promises a great experience these two ride creators are famous for!

We have a challenge in the second quarter with establishing a  location for our Detailing Day. If anyone has some thought about our Detailing Day logistics please let your Board know. Our primary challenges include a place with space, power, and cover.

The Board also discussed the “New Members Drive” which serves as a formal kickoff for the new driving season. Part of the Board’s agenda is to review revolving topics like our membership rolls and the financial status of our club. Our primary focus during this, and all PSMC Board Meetings, is to deliver to our members exiting experiences and an enjoyable time!

I want to say also that all members are more than welcome, and encouraged, to attend these meetings as we are always in the hunt looking to expand and enhance our club experience. On a similar note, we are always welcoming of our members offering up their favorite drives to provide new and different ride opportunities. Remember, we have experienced folks in the club that can assist you in developing rides.

Even though we are in our “quiet time” of the year we have social events that take place throughout the Winter. These include our highly successful 1st Tuesday events in the North end that features a revolving restaurant venue concept in the same complex. Sean and Pam McGriff are gaining momentum with their Third Thursday-Coastal event.

Allow me to use this opportunity to mention that we would love to have someone step up and host a similar event in our South Puget Sound vicinity. This is an amazingly easy job folks.

This past December 2nd we came together for our PSMC Holiday Luncheon at the River Rock Grill in Renton. This venue has proven to be a winner for our club, even though our service has been a bit stressed this year and this is something we will work on for next year.

Our agenda included recognition of all those who created and conducted rides over the past year as well as making other contributions of time and talent for the betterment of the club.

With the smashing success of our hat sales campaign, Bill Snowden presented our new club wind breaker jacket prototype, featuring our embroidered enhanced club logo. Some of the sales and distribution specifics need to be further refined but you will hear more about this soon.

The PSMC Board Members were introduced to the members with all board members returning from the prior year! Our ever-popular PSMC Holiday raffle concluded the events for the day. We invested a little more money this year to procure more prizes and folks walked away with some gems!

In closing, Cindy and I wish everyone in our club a fun-filled and safe New Year, and we look forward to seeing you ‘all in the coming new year! Until then, keep on “zoom-zoom’ in”!


The first-hand story of the first miata

In the early 1980s, Mazda was flush with capital from record sales and already deep in the design process for the next generation of the RX-7. Having proven to the world that it could solve engineering problems that had flummoxed other automotive companies (Wankel’s problematic rotary-engine design, for example), Mazda was confident in its ability to make its flagship sports car a true “world-class” competitor.

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About Us

The Puget Sound Miata Club was the first Miata club in the United States to join and be recognized as a member of the Miata Club of America. Our claim as the "First Miata Club in the Nation" is based on this fact. Our original club name was:
The Puget Sound Chapter of the Miata Club of America.

Our Membership is based in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington and hosts many events each year with several reaching into neighboring states and provinces. The club was organized to share the fun of owning a Miata and to maximize the enjoyment of driving a great roadster.

We do this in a variety of ways - we publish a newsletter 9 months of each year with information about the Miata and our activities; we organize and participate in sports car events such as driving tours, rallyes, autocrosses, driving schools, gymkhanas, and concours d'elegance; we arrange technical sessions to learn more about the Miata and its care; we have parties!; we go to sports car races; we caravan to other Miata or car club events; and we participate in parades.

Unlike many sports car organizations in the Northwest, we do not specialize in any one-type of activity. As a group, we have opted to sample everything. This leverages the opportunities for our Miata fun.

We are a Miata information resource to each other. We know where and what to purchase for the Miata and the best prices available. We get discounts from many dealers and repair shops in the area.

Basically, we have more fun in and with our Miatas. Our organization has been in existence since 1989 and has a current membership in excess of 145 Miatas. Join Us and enjoy your Miata to the fullest!

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