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The First Miata Club in the USA   


President’s Message

On a particularly warm day with abundant sunshine, I was driving down the road in my BRG little darling when all the sudden Seals & Croft’s “Summer Breeze” came on the radio to take me back to a time while driving through the Arizona Desert at dusk, with all the windows down, without a care in the world. Since my last writing we have certainly started our driving season in marvelous fashion, and we have many more good times ahead of us as are summer months continue to unfold!

In April Bill Bell sort of kicked things off with his new Miata Madness Drive which drew a great turn out! Our First Tuesday and Third Thursday – Coastal socials enjoyed good attendance and have gone into a bit of hibernation after, June but will resume in September. Duncan and Dee hosted the PSMC contingent to Mt. Vernon to join in the annual MG Club Annual Tulip Rallye. The end of April brought the annual PSMC New Member’s Drive which was led by the competent team of Ross and Nancy Scott. While the weather was not especially cooperative, we had an enjoyable experience anyway.

May brought us Ross and Nancy’s Drive to Lunch which featured decent weather to enjoy this now classic PSMC drive. Elicia Tamburine debuted her all-new Aloha Shirt Drive which drew respectable attendance in this mid-week drive. May also brought us the kickoff of the parade season which provides us the opportunity to support the efforts of several young ladies competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize categories.

Bill Bell kicked off June with his Miata Three Rivers Drive which is a returning favorite. The following week Bill Bell hosted his popular, and beautiful Miata Island Hopping Drive. Two weeks later Bill Snowden launched his maiden all-new Fun Run to Snoqualmie, drawing a great crowd, along with good weather. Dee and Duncan led a another contingent of PSMC members to Oregon to participate in the annual mega Miata event known as Explore Oregon. Finishing the month, Bill Bell brought us his new Sky Rail Run which was beautiful, ending with a great outdoor lunch and train ride in Skykomish.

A special mention for our premier summer event, The Northwest Gathering of Miata’s. This grand event takes place every August at Griot’s in Tacoma. The event features a car show & awards ceremony, and a lunch that is available to all members with a nominal $5.00 charge for non-members.

Our rides and events for the remainder of the summer will continue to offer a palate of options for sharing the experience with our friends, or PSMC family. August will give us Bill Bell’s Olympic Drive Northwest and Tom Millar will once again lead his Whatcom and Skagit Counties Select Tour. Ross and Nancy will be organizing the Special First Tuesday Cruise In that will be held at Burger Master in Bothell. It is wise to periodically check our events calendar for changes that occur, especially with new additions.

I would also like to encourage everyone to consider producing a ride that they can create, with the assistance, and knowledge, of seasoned members. We are exploring an idea of making tried and true older rides available to our membership, through our website, to resurrect and do again! We’ll let you know how this progresses.

In closing, Cindy and I want to wish you all a great Miata driving season. And remember also, “the best is yet to come”. Keep on zoom-zooming!


The first-hand story
of the first miata

In the early 1980s, Mazda was flush with capital from record sales and already deep in the design process for the next generation of the RX-7. Having proven to the world that it could solve engineering problems that had flummoxed other automotive companies (Wankel’s problematic rotary-engine design, for example), Mazda was confident in its ability to make its flagship sports car a true “world-class” competitor.

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About Us

The Puget Sound Miata Club was the first Miata club in the United States to join and be recognized as a member of the Miata Club of America. Our claim as the "First Miata Club in the Nation" is based on this fact. Our original club name was:
The Puget Sound Chapter of the Miata Club of America.

Our Membership is based in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington and hosts many events each year with several reaching into neighboring states and provinces. The club was organized to share the fun of owning a Miata and to maximize the enjoyment of driving a great roadster.

We do this in a variety of ways - we publish a newsletter 9 months of each year with information about the Miata and our activities; we organize and participate in sports car events such as driving tours, rallyes, autocrosses, driving schools, gymkhanas, and concours d'elegance; we arrange technical sessions to learn more about the Miata and its care; we have parties!; we go to sports car races; we caravan to other Miata or car club events; and we participate in parades.

Unlike many sports car organizations in the Northwest, we do not specialize in any one-type of activity. As a group, we have opted to sample everything. This leverages the opportunities for our Miata fun.

We are a Miata information resource to each other. We know where and what to purchase for the Miata and the best prices available. We get discounts from many dealers and repair shops in the area.

Basically, we have more fun in and with our Miatas. Our organization has been in existence since 1989 and has a current membership in excess of 145 Miatas. Join Us and enjoy your Miata to the fullest!

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