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by Ross Scott

This is not a story about leaving ones lights on at a planning meeting, nor about the frustration of letting the battery go dead over a long forgetful winter.   This is about saving your machine from smudges, dents and scratches from unneeded touching.  You don’t want anyone else touching the fine finish you have labored to achieve, why should you?

1.  Closing the hood.

If you lower the hood until the safety latch engages and then push the bonnet closed, fingerprints and smudges will be left on your formerly pristine machine.  You could also be leaving scratches and maybe dents where you apply pressure to close.  Instead, take your index, or other finger of choice, and gently lower the hood until there is about 18 inches to closure, then move your hand (and finger) out of the way so that the bonnet seats itself with a comforting metallic thump.  No touch, no worry.

2.  Closing the trunk.

Once again, if you push the trunk closed, smudges or worse.  Simply hook your forefinger, or finger of choice, in the metal loop that latches the lid.  Then pull downward with just enough speed to engage the lock, removing ones finger at the last minute to avoid injury.

3.  Closing the door.

The door can be closed from outside by pushing  (with your finger of course), on the door handle to avoid smudges, scratches and/or dents.  Remember, your Miata has very thin sheet metal.  When the top is down, one can always reach inside and close with the handgrip inside.

Remember, only you can prevent paint mars.

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