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Detailing Day 2006

Article by: Dustin Locke

April 29, 2006

Event Host: Bill "Coop" Cooper

Well, Detailing Day has come and gone already, leaving nothing but great memories behind. What a sight of socializing, learning, hot cars and cleaning. 

There was something for everyone at Detailing Day this year. 

Coop was gracious enough to again open up his place for our huge group of Miataphiles. What a perfect venue for this event. We had a lawn area to display and show-off our freshly buffed beauties, an outdoor bar area to cook up lunch (thanks Tom), a great "tent city" to socialize in and keep dry under, and lets not forget Coop's workshop that just for the day was transformed into a professional Detailing Shop. 

So many things were offered to bring our Miatas to their best. We had buffing, waxing, interior steam cleaning, dent removal and even more. I didn't see a single person without a huge grin on their face. 

There were Miatas of every year and color displayed on the lawn. This gave new members a chance to check-out what goodies people had on their cars and to see what fanatic maniacs we really are! In fact, I noticed more than just new members checking out the cars. I dare say we may be welcoming a new 2006 Copper Red into the club soon. Right, Sandy?

We had a great team of volunteers spending their entire day working hard to make our cars look gorgeous. I would like to thank our "Buff Guys" who made the day what it was: Tom Smith, Stuart Sabel, Ron Haworth, Jim Hightchew, Mike Springer, Joe Berretti, and Charley Drake. 

Aside from the actual Detailing, this was also our annual "New Members Day". I saw several new folks enjoying the activities of the day. Several members who had let their membership expire also showed up to renew. 

I heard several of our new members say that this was an amazing event and how awesome it was to see so many people sharing a common interest and enjoying the company and the cars. I think that is exactly what this club is all about, great cars and even greater friends. I will definitely be seeing you at Detailing Day 2007!

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