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1999 10th Anniversary For Sale!

  • 05/04/2022 9:51 AM
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    Sean McGriff (Administrator)

    You’ve always wanted to treat yourself to something special. You’ve always desired a sports car, but you’ve never found the right one.

    This could be your ‘that car’.

    The car is a rare and sought-after classic Miata. It’s the 10th anniversary model. I’ve treated this special car the way it should be looked after. Meticulous maintenance. Preventive and proactive repairs. 

    With the top down, the Bose stereo producing magical music and the delight of a 6-speed manual, there’s no better driving experience anywhere.

    Imagine driving this legend on a sun filled day channeling your inner childhood excitement.

    If this is the car you want – better still – the car you deserve, then contact me ( John ) directly at 206.743.4327 to have a conversation and arrange to see it. I’d be delighted to tell you why this car is so unique. So special. 


    179,000 miles

    John Marshall

    T. 206.743.4327

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