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'99 NB 1.8 Engine, Spun Rod Bearing, Name your price

  • 11/06/2021 5:37 PM
    Message # 12106326

    Engine + 5spd manual transmission, 177k miles. Spun a rod bearing, I've cracked it opened and confirmed as such. I picked up one with lower mileage and swapped it into the car, so now I've got an engine sitting in my garage. 

    I'll throw in a new set of bearings, as well as anything you'd like to pull off the parts car I ended up with while you're here. Forgot to get any good photos while the engine was open, I'm afraid. Exterior is dirty, as the car came to me without the engine bay cover.

    Name your price,  located in Sequim. Pickup only, I need it out of the garage and don't have a truck. Engine hoist available to lift it into whatever you bring to move it.

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