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30th Anniversary Miata for Sale in Olympia

  • 07/18/2019 5:20 PM
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    Glenn Hay-Roe (Administrator)

    Posting both here and in the For Sale thread.

    I got a call yesterday (7-17) from a salesman named DJ at Olympia Mazda (800) 971-6596.

    DJ told me that one of the 30th Anniversary Miatas had arrived, and the person that had ordered and reserved it was not able to get their financing completed the way they'd hoped, so it is up for grabs.

    It's a softtop car. I'll try to stop by and get pictures soon, but it may be gone before I get there.

    If you want it, I'd recommend that you call the dealership ASAP.

    I've met DJ and he's a nice guy, not pushy at all, and seems to know Miatas to some degree. I recommend that you ask for him, but know that he's not in the dealership again until Saturday (he told me that Thursday and Friday are his weekend) and the car may be gone before he returns.

    I called there today and spoke with another salesman (Scott or Chris, forget which) and he did not know Miatas very well, as he told me that "that's a nice Limited Edition, but you might not like the color, you might want to get it in another color". He wasn't aware that the 30th AE only comes in orange.

    If you have any questions, or I can help in any way, call me at 360-688-6811.

    I'll help if I can, but I might ask that you let me drive your car (or at least sit in it!) if you buy it because of this message. :)


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