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Marysville Strawberry Festival Parade

  • 06/20/2015
  • 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Marysville


  • Yes, I'll be there!

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This was a last minute parade added to our schedule because it was on the Viking Fest Schedule and we did find 6 cars to carry 6 girls in less than a week.

Thank You to our Wonderful Parade Driving Volunteers!!!

We will be carrying the Miss Viking Fest and Little Miss Viking Fest Court (from Poulsbo).

We are asking around to see if other groups need any drivers as well, because our other "normal" court group doesn't need cars for this parade.

Sorry, but we did not enter as a car club this year because there usually aren't any extra cars to make that a possibility.  If you were planning to come just to show off your car, please contact Mindy Bohnas @ 360-895-0931 to see if something turns up.

Meeting Place & Time

There isn't a place to meet first since we haven't done this parade before.  Going totally from the rules listed on the Marysville Festival website, we are planning to meet at 80th and State Ave (Taco Guaymas parking lot) between 5:30 and 5:45 pm for check-in of our motorized vehicles carrying the Miss Viking Fest Court.

*(the other check-in area is at 76th & State -Key Bank - in case I am wrong)

The parade is scheduled to start at approximately 7:30 and is a night parade with lights on most of the units. At least 3 of the Miatas will have lights and maybe more!

Bring your camera and/or a chair, book, etc. to keep occupied until our section starts moving.

Questions?  Call Mindy.

Home: 360-895-0931, Cell: 360-731-3897 day of parade only when not at home.

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