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Spot That Thing!

  • 08/08/2015
  • 10:00 AM
  • Factoria Mall

Spot That Thing Run

Jump in your Miata and get ready to "Spot That Thing." In this fun rallye-type drive, you'll get a set of driving directions and a page of photos that correspond to sights you will see on the drive. You'll need to take note of the mileage when you "Spot That Thing." At the end of the drive, you'll have an opportunity to win a fun prize.

This drive has been re-introduced after a few years' hiatus and will feature a new drive that will leave from Factoria Mall near Target on the west side of the mall. You will want to arrive early enough to use the facilities and perhaps grab a cup of coffee for your short journey that will end at one of the South End's hidden treasures--The Black Diamond Bakery. We'll get some lunch and have a chat about the "Things" on this drive.

The drive is going to take a few hours because some of the roads have slower speed limits and there will be a number of bicyclists along this route. So relax and enjoy the rural roads of King County as you "Spot That Thing."

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