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ISO nc and/or nb removable hardtop

  • 01/24/2021 4:40 PM
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    im currently trying to find a NC Miata removable hardtop for sale, all the ones I find are $4k and over. I want to know if anyone here has or knows someone selling theirs for less, preferably stormy blue mica or black but any color would work, please let me know.

    ohh also a friend is looking for a white nb top as well she’s trying to stay at or under 1k any help would be appreciated thanks.

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  • 02/25/2021 9:55 AM
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    From everything I've read over the years, NC removable hardtops are extremely hard to find, hence the high prices.
    I think the addition of the PRHT kind of killed the demand (or at least Mazda thought it would), so the factory didn't made a lot of them.
    You probably already searched here, but if you haven't the Buy/Sell forums at are probably the best place to find a removable hardtop for an NC.
    From my limited experience, people are rarely willing to sell them for much less than about $3-$4k.
    And - I think decent NA tops are usually $1,500 to $2k, often more.
    Best of luck with both your searches, though!

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