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Annual Pacific Northwest Historic Car Corral

  • 07/05/2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • 07/07/2019
  • Pacific Raceways, Kent


  • Cost involved -- please use the link to the PDF form at the bottom of the event information. Deadline to register is June 1st.

This event has been cancelled. Greg Olson offered to be our host but had to back out, so if there is not host for the event, it will be cancelled. Please contact President Charlotte Fellers if you wish to become the new host and this event can then take place.

The Pacific Northwest Historics is a volunteer-driven event sanctioned by SOVREN (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts) Race Club and the SOVREN Guild of Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Historics is the premier vintage sports car race in the Northwest and the largest charity motorsports event in the United States. In 2014, the Pacific Northwest Historics raised $450,000 for Seattle Children’s. These fundraising efforts will improve the lives of many families with children in need.

While the Guild’s effort is for charity, don’t be misled. The car owners, drivers and crews are in it for the racing. The Pacific Northwest Historics is one of the most popular vintage races on the West Coast, drawing competitors from most western states. In past years, drivers have traveled from as far as Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Check out the Historics website for new information as it becomes available at

Although vintage racing is not “real” competition in the sense that the cars are not driven to their limits 100% of the time, scoring is based on laps completed rather than order of finish, and the safety of the cars and drivers is the foremost concern, the drivers are still interested in turning in the best possible lap times. Without the pressure to have the fastest possible car, the drivers and pit crews are willing (often eager) to display and talk to others about the cars. The pits are open to spectators all three days.

There have been some rule changes so there will be some newer cars in the grids and possibly a bit more variety. The cars historically experience about 10% attrition per day so generally the first day of the event provides the best opportunity to see all of the cars in action. Since Monday is the actual holiday, this may not impact attendance that much. Races are scheduled for all three days and there should be some great vendor and featured car displays.

The car corral at the PNW Historics is an excellent opportunity for members of local car clubs to meet and display their cars. Those displaying their cars in the corral on Saturday or Sunday may participate in parade laps on the Pacific Raceways track during the lunch break and an informal judging for the “best” cars in various age groups. The judges are generally children of event volunteers. There are no formal car corral activities on Friday but the area is open to those purchasing car corral passes for the weekend or Friday.

Please check the website for the various deadlines to register.

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