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  • 04/27/2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA

Open to all makes, types of cars, and clubs!

Begin and end the rally at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA. Take exit 230 from Interstate 5 at SR 20. Proceed eastbound on SR 20, turn right onto S. Burlington Blvd at traffic light, turn right at another traffic light onto one of the three Cascade Mall Drives.The staging area is in the Southwest corner next to I-5.

Check-in and day-of-event registration opens at 8:30 am. Drivers' meeting begins at 9:30 with first cars out at ~9:45 am.

It is a laid back and casual "gimmick rallye" where the challenge is to spot and record the answers to questions based on signs and objects found along the way while following turn-by-turn route driving instructions, devilishly laid out by the Rallyemaster, whose job it is to make you laugh as you attempt to find the answers to the rather silly questions, riddles, and trivia. NOT a traditional time-speed-distance event. Route is entirely on public, paved roads, no off-roading. Suitable for all vehicles and driver skill levels. No special knowledge nor equipment is needed to enjoy your car, your companion, the company of fellow enthusiasts and incredible roads and scenery.

Typically the best scoring car from each participating club (which enters 5+ cars) wins a prize. Details for 2019 TBA. (If enough PSMC cars show up, we’ll have a team.)

Full info and pre-registration at
Check it out now.

PSMC contact points are our own past winners:
Dee Dahlke & Duncan Johnson, 253-845-2424

There is not an organized PSMC drive to this event; the zooming rally route itself takes care of the sports motoring. Suggest you pre register and be very early (even arrive the night before) because the event is huge, typically 300+ cars from 30 or more clubs all over the northwest USA and Canada.

The start and finish are a giant car show of everything you could imagine, old and new, from all over the world.

Do dress for the weather!

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