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Whistlin' Jack's Run

  • 07/08/2017
  • 10:00 AM
  • Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce


  • Jack is smilin' somewhere out there! Don't you want to know more?

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Join Jim Liljeberg and his wife Phyllis on this drive that starts in Enumclaw and, as is often the case, ends with food. We're looking at about an hour and a half of actual driving time from Enumclaw to Whistlin' Jack's restaurant. Maybe two hours, tops.

The meeting place for the start of the run will be  the large parking lot behind the Chamber of Commerce building, 1421 Cole Street, Enumclaw WA 98022.

You will enjoy many beautiful sights on this drive. The first one is an interpretive center (half hr) and then the little town of Greenwater has some interesting shops (and toilets). And then there's a campground with a very large very old trees that people usually like to use as a backdrop for a photo op. Once we finish there we'll head on to the next stops, which are the passes themselves.

By the time we take this drive, there won't be much snow there, if any, so we probably won't be able to spend as much time there as usual but there are toilets and more photo ops. Then there are a couple of interesting stops on the other side of the Chinook and Cayuse passes.
Bring a snack to eat in the car if you wish, but we plan to arrive at Whistlin' Jack's Restaurant for lunch, so no need for much food planning.
The pre-run driver's meeting will be at 10 AM. Be sure you have a nice breakfast at home or along the way to Enumclaw before arriving for the start of the drive. After the many stops, we will plan to be at Whistlin' Jack's by 1 p.m. for a late lunch. From there, folks are free to return home on their own. There are only two ways to go, back to Enumclaw and then home or continue on to Yakima and then through Snoqualmie Pass.


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